South Texas Comic Con 2017

Is that time of the year when I can show off the geek I keep inside, our closest Comic Con is here…


So what was the deal this year, I was hoping to meet the original green ranger and pink ranger,  with all the hype because of the new movie… but the green ranger cancel his visit… that aside I was impress with the Rick Grimes pro-cosplayer Cecil Grimes, he has the best production around, a miniature prison with a Daryl lookalike and a zombie actress… I was amazed… also I can’t believe he has more production value on his booth, that any other “real celebrity” this year they have Denis Rodman, the pink ranger, Erik Estrada, Sting WWE, the original voice of Mario bros, and many others (I only mention the ones I remember and I think they were the most famous)

The difference between this one and the past years I think was the organization… we still have some big lines, but they were fast, lots of people! Well distributed and it was better in many ways… the STCC only get better with the time.

We assist to the Con as regular guest, we didn’t get the Press Pass, the prices was $35 adults and $15 children, but this way I feel more freedom to write what I really think.

The Good

Very well use of the space, fast lines, many volunteers, you can get help on every corner.

The Bad

The guests, 2 of the main guest were the green ranger and Edward James Olmos, and booth cancel; they should have a backup plan in case this happened, or lower the entrance ticket, I feel it was kind of expensive just to get a photo with the Rick Grimes Cosplayer + 40 dlls for the photo…

We have assist to other cons including the Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio, Tx, the ticket price is around the same, but you get only VIP celebrities, as a fan of Walking Dead for the same $40s ticket I get 5 celebrities just from the walking dead, they also have Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, TMNT, WWE, and many many other celebrities on the same room, it was amazing. In the STCC we get maybe 4-7 celebrities, so its expensive for what we get.

Also the volunteers get ther job pretty serious, I was trying to get some photos for my website and they were all over me trying to stop me. To the


It is a good experience in the RGV because we don’t have anything like this around, the closest is San Antonio or Dallas, but the difference is abysmal, for a weekend is a very good option maybe if you choose not to go to the movies or the park, you get to meet a lot of cosplayers from the valley, you can take photos, your kids get excites because they can meet batman, you can buy toys and collectors items in the vendors booths, you can see a live drawing of Dan Cakes, excellent for the family, just don’t expect a San Diego Comic Con or a San Antonio Comic Con, but the STCC is getting there, maybe in a couple years we can get something that big.

What do you think?

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