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Impractical Jokers Tour in San Antonio TX

This time we had the opportunity to go to one of our favorite places in Texas, San Antonio. Besides is the closest largest city to us (we live in McAllen, TX) is the best city to fins all the shows and experiences we don’t have in the Valley.

San Antonio had it all… theme parks, museums, the river walk, and that’s the main reason you will find more different demographics shows and spectacles, maybe more country singers, or more international artist such as Britney Spears, Madonna, etc.

This time we had the opportunity to assist to the “Santiago Send us tour” starring the Tenderloins, better known as the impractical Jokers, Sal Vulcano, Brian Queen, Joe Gatto and James Murray at the Majestic Theater in Down Town San Antonio.

The Good:

The show is everything you expect from this 4 comedians, its hilarious!!! They do a little bit of stand-up comedy, with some personal stories they tell, you see some video clips with the sense of the tv show. Once it started I wouldn’t stop laughing till the end. The audience was in the mood to have a good time and very supportive with them. They even stay at the end to take some selfies and dancing with all the fans.

The Bad:

They started around 40 minutes late, because they say the venue had some technical difficulties, Joe Gatto apologizes at the end for the patience of the audience, a very humbling gesture.

The other bad thing is the parking, with the knowledge this venue is at the downtown, it was very limited, we had to park 1.5 blocks away, not that far, but when you are in high heels or fancy dressing, it’s kind of a pain in the ass. All that aside the majority of the “trouble” was the venue, long lines to get drinks, NO POP CORN!!!!


Great show for all the family, my 6 years old son is a big fan of the show, I didn’t take him because the ticket recommends 16+, but I did see some children in the audience, and the only things PG13 was one or two bad words, so if you want to take your medium age children (what?) maybe from 7 to 8 years old I think is ok.

This was our second time at one of the impractical jokers show; 2 years ago we see the “larry” tour… kind of the same thing but with different content. So if the guys shows at your city, and you are a fan of the show, go and get your ticket!!!

here you have a 360 photo of the Majestic Theatre

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